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Glory of Indian Toronto Indian Restaurant
Established in 2014.

Ben specializes in Indian Cuisine, his special gift is to turn out ambrosial dishes with flavours that lifts the spirit. To taste Ben’s divine cooking is to experience a burst of flavour and a jolt of pleasure that will likely reduce your vocabulary to mmm! Wow! Simply delicious! Awesome! Don’t be embarrassed by your loss of speech just blame it on Ben’s unique blends from the 12 spices of India and the subtle yet alluring flavours of charcoal and smoke from the clay oven. Whether he serves up South or North Indian cuisine, vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes you will be treated to tasty and healthy food. 

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Glory of Indian Toronto Indian Restaurant

Idli - Glory Of India


Daal - Glory Of India
Daal - Glory Of India


  • Creamy Tomato Soup $3.49

  • Rasam $3.49

  • Sambar $3.49

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We're sorry, our restaurant is temporarily closed until further notice. Please stay tuned, as we will move to a new location!